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Frequently asked questions

Got a question about new build homes, commercial work a renovation project, get in touch or have a look below at our FAQs

  • We are looking for a building contractor in Huddersfield, what sort of work do you cover?
    We cover commercial and domestic works. Both new build works both commercial and domestic, as well as building conversions. Have a look at our projects on the website to see our recent projects. If you are not sure we cover your requirements just get in touch, we would be happy to discuss further.
  • I would like a quote, where do I start?
    Get in touch with us by phone or email and we will ask for some details regarding your project. We will follow that up by arranging a site visit at a convenient time for you. We will then provide you with an itemised quotation for you to look over.
  • Do you charge for the supply of a quotation?
    No, we do not charge for quotations or site visits.
  • I need plans for my building project can you help me with these?
    Yes, we use a local contact who would be happy to help you design your plans and get them through planning for you.
  • Do you take a deposit and how will I be invoiced?
    Depending on the size of the project we may ask for a 10% deposit which will be invoiced once we start work on site. As we provide itemised quotations, we will only invoice you for works that have been completed and any materials on site.
  • How long will my build take?
    The size of the build will determine the length of the project. There are lots of factors to consider when coordinating work and this will influence the project length, such as access, foundation requirements, construction type, finish materials, electrical and plumbing requirements, the fitting of bathrooms or kitchens and of course the British Weather. Also, things can change during a build and you may want to make alterations so that too will have an effect on time.
  • Do you organise all the trades?
    Yes, we organise all the trades for the whole job, we have our own tradesmen and contractors who we have used for many years and work very closely together to give you the best service.
  • Do I need planning permission or the work passing off by Building Control?
    Depending on the nature of the work you may need planning permission, we can discuss this further or you can have a look at the information supplied by your local councils. You can visit Kirklees Planning website here Not all works fall under building control but we would be happy to discuss this with you, it is a very easy process if needed. Building Control will also give you a completion certificate which you can keep with your house details for future reference.
  • Can I visit you at your office?
    Yes, please call ahead to make an appointment and we would be very happy to meet you to discuss your project.
  • Where is your office?
    We are located at Long Fall Farm, Reddisher Road, Marsden, Huddersfield, HD7 6NF. Once you get to Marsden Village follow Peel Street round to Station Road, go up Station Road and over the railway bridge and the turn left onto Reddisher Road. Follow the road for about half a mile to where Reddisher Road meets Waters Road. On the right hand side are some cobbles and you will see our black gates "Long Fall". Give us a ring on the intercom and come through the gate and take the right hand drive where you will find plenty of parking space.

Got more questions? 

Please get in touch, click for our contact details.

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