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A Whole New World

Not the best start to a year, with many weeks of rain in January and February and the little thing of a worldwide pandemic, you could say it has been a little challenging over the first few months of 2020.

The sector was instructed by the government to continue to work, while keeping safe and the team has taken on this challenge. By spreading out over different work sites we have been able to carry on. Though supplies have been difficult to get hold of with manufacturing in some areas stopped totally and suppliers not all being open for orders we have been making measured progress.

Working on different sites has meant progress is not as quick as we would have hoped, things are moving in the right direction. We can say all the team has handled the new world we find ourselves in with great care, enthusiasm and determination while keeping in good spirits. Our clients have been amazing, supportive and understanding throughout.

We have got a very busy order book for the year and will continue to work hard on site and look forward to sharing with you the progress we are making and the different projects we are working on around the local area and further afield.

Take Care!

Stay Alert, Control the Virus, Save Lives

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